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 Associated & Participatory Activities

St. Mary's Polyclinic has been rendering valuable services and providing modern facilities to the people of Lucknow, its suburbs, and also the adjoining villages specially the poor.

Some of the key activities include -


Pregnant women come for registrations for their check-ups. They are routinely examined and are provided with the T.T. injections, iron folic tablets, and routine investigations so that MMR is automatically reduced. Risk factors are also taken note. Family life education is a routine feature. Child survival and safe motherhood is our main objectives. Clean & safe deliveries are conducted daily.


Our emphasis remains on the small, healthy, and prosperous family. For family welfare activities the couples are proved with proper counseling and spacing methods are explained to them at the polyclinic and village centers, in addition to above all fertile couples were given adequate training on the choice of the type of family planning methods while they visit the polyclinic. They are also provided with literatures so that the CBD approach for the success of family planning activities. So a quality service is our motto.


A special feature of Polyclinic is the rehabilitation for the physically disabled like polio, spastic, paralysis, crippling, arthritis, etc. by physiotherapy, encouraging the physically disabled to become self-dependant. For them rehabilitation center is functioning where the staff gives regular training to the physically disabled to become self-dependent. For them rehabilitation center is functioning where the staff gives regular training both physically disabled to recognize their ability, maintain or improve their strength by regular physiotherapy with low cost equipment's which can be improved at home. Through this department we encourage community based rehabilitation rather than institutionalization. Since this work started from the inception of the polyclinic we go all out to extend a comprehensive care to the disabled for the prevention of disabilities. Teaching and training are also provided free of cost. The polyclinic is popular, varieties of disabled attend the clinic and they are regularly examined and treated with orthopedic backing has been arranged. All reconstructive surgery are conducted here.

At the moment we have a well-equipped physiotherapy department with a SWD, wax bath, traction's, Ultrasonic multi exerciser, acupuncture, muscles stimulator, TNS, Magnet, and other equipment's. We also have locally improvised equipments so that the people can imitate them at home. Well trained physiotherapists take care of the patients.

Seminars are conducted throughout year for spreading awareness among the disabled people.


Doctors of St. Mary's Polyclinic are invited by NIPCCID, BPCL, SIRD etc. to give lectures to their trainees, Supervisor & worker, on different topics. Trainees from the above institution also visited our polyclinic for the orientation and field exposure.


Local practitioners who are close to the people are provided with information, so that they maybe more useful for the society. For them regular training programs and practical training's are given


St. Mary's Polyclinic takes keen interest in assisting the government in achieving 100% immunization. St. Mary's is a surveillance center for AFP reporting for the control of POLIO.


o For providing speedy and better services to the patients, OPD, Diagnostic, and Indoor patients billing have been computerized.


Many patients do come to this hospital from different parts of Uttar Pradesh but there are many who cannot reach due to various reasons. For them we conduct large number of regular camps in different in by taking well-equipped medical van along with qualified doctor, nurses, medical staff, equipments and medicines.


Agreement was Signed between St. Mary’s Polyclinic and the Voucher Management Unit, Lucknow to implement Voucher Scheme of SIFPSA “SAMBHAV” in Lucknow urban slums. Under which BPL families will be provided with free ANC, DELIVERY Facilities, PNC, Family Planning, RTI/STI and General Health Check-up facilities for the year-2011.

Total 272 Patients were benefited with this project for the financial year 2011-12 in which 215 patients visited for ANC and 43 patients for the delivery.

This scheme has been renewed for the year 2012 also from January.


To meet the continuous demand of dialysis unit from the kidney and other related patients; “Fresenins Haemodialysis Model No.-4008-S” along with RO Plant was installed and Dialysis unit was started.


For the transportation of patients for community work, New Tata Winger Ambulance was purchasedin the month of november-2011, which was sponsored by Namaste Onlus, Province of Ravenna, Italy.


In continuation with last year’s academic programmes, 3rd batch of students were admitted from Sept-11for GNM and BHW courses(40 each)

Admission of students was done for the 4th batch of Two Year Courses Diploma in O T Technician & in Physiotherapy Tech. (UPSMF) for the session 2011-12.

AUXILIARY NURSE & MIDWIFE / B.H.W. (FEMALE) (Final-Year)-2nd Batch Exam held on JUNE – 2012 and 100% result was obtained.


Since students are coming from all over UP for obtaining training n nursing and various paramedical courses. So hostel facility s required for such student. So construction of nursing hostel which was started in the last year has been completed. Total of 75 nursing students are residing in the hostel.

Separate transformer has been installed for the electricity supply of the hostel. Generator and Submersible Pump are also installed to get 24 hours electricity and water supply.


St. Mary’s Polyclinic is also providing scholarships to 44 students annually. This is helping them to meet the financial expenses of their studies.

Apart from these gifts are also distributed every year to nearly 100 children which includes stationeries, toys, chocolates and other useful things required in daily use.

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