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 Disabilit Management

While working in the hospital and the community we realized and recognized a group of persons called - disabled ranking from any sex and age .They varied from completely bedridden, simple turning in beds/sitting/limping with or without sticks, mentally retarded, partially/ totally blind, partially / totally deaf. We gave special care for these people .We had to really gain knowledge and skills to care for them through books and local and international experts to give them better life in the society. For this we had to sound the staff of the Hospital and train the field force to care for them.

We did many things like daily living exercise, training their positioning and simple exercise by their parents and relative s and good nutrition. They got a magical improvement to rehabilitate large number for physically disabled, many camps were conducted and appliances and calipers were provided. Many received ongoing physiotherapy, which improved them. The success of the work gave our Director the title of POLIO DOCTOR in the Community for this group of People, we did preventive, curative, promotive and rehabilitative work.

Many of them were integrated back into their own society.

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