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Education and salaried employment have been regarded by all scholars as the important indicators of women's statuses. It is found that women's education and salaried employment are two important and necessary tools for them to acquire status, power, and autonomy in the society and family.

Nursing profession gives a permanent salary, most of time at levels higher than those of teachers and other comparable women's job. Economic security enables them to take family responsibility, and sometimes, it helps to take Independent decisions also.

Instances of nurses securing overseas employment have brightened the prospects of nursing as a career in recent times. The profession has increasingly come to be viewed as a profitable and rewarding job drawing more aspirants into the field. There is a growing demand in the marriage market for nurses employed overseas or who are likely to go abroad in search of employment. A good woman nurse, with a cheerful disposition and a caring mentality, acquires some power. Accordingly, we undertook development of a new strategic framework to provide job oriented nursing training for poor and underprivileged women. Since we have the capability and experience in the field of training such as Training of Dais, Trained Birth attendants etc., our first academic wing of ST. Mary's Polyclinic society has been started with the name of ST. Mary's Paramedical Institute in the year 2007.Initially we started with Vocational training program, Diploma in Nursing Assistant course with the affiliation of Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS) a Sponsored Agency of Government of India. In a short period of time we promoted ourselves in to ST. Mary's School of Nursing and again in to St. Mary's College of Nursing and Paramedical Institute.


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