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 Other Activities

Other Activities in the Rural Areas of Gonda District

Training of Local People including men and women as health guides for the rural areas. Trainings of local practitioners to improve their skills. A program of training of Traditional Birth Attendants was started in the village for enhancing their skills and knowledge for saving the life of mother and child as well as for creating the awareness on the family planning in the community with the help of SIFPSA. Made some mobile libraries with plenty of health of literatures for villagers. Large numbers of community meetings were conducted for sharing and expressing their problems in agriculture, social problems, exploitations, poverty, illiteracy, etc.

Project of Training Traditional Birth Attendants supported by SIFPSA

We always loved training people and this Project gave a chance to train the Traditional Birth Attendants of Distinct Sitapur. Our Institute was selected as an implementing Agency initially in the Pilot Project. After completing successfully the Pilot Project it was extended in all the 19 Blocks of District Sitapur. It was an interesting experience to have worked with the expert Partner Agencies during this Project. The trained TBAs are always an asset and support for the community in their efforts for the safe motherhood and child survival and population control.

Community Based Distribution Project in the Rampur, Mathura,Sitapur (SIFPSA SUPPORTED)

Here again we had a chance to Plan and Organize the team to implement the Rampur Mathura with the efficiency and Knowledge. Through these Programs we had a chance to be with the community and especially with the women. The Trained Women and TBA of the Area behaved like knowledgeable persons for the cause of the population control.

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