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 Poverty Elimination

Poverty was the main factor for which we had to work hard with people’s participation to eliminate poverty.
To eliminate the poverty, we needed to look for agriculture developments. Soon we realized, to improve the farming by high quality seeds, fertilizers and irrigation. These were providing for the villagers. In a few years, we found that agricultural fields improved manifolds .The Farmers’ Cooperative Society took the lead in improving further in their fields, but huge area was flooded affected and so they could not cultivate Paddy immediately .It was through, that two big canals could remove the flood water and that area could be reclaimed. Soon the Project was started for the Canal Construction and in a year ,the Land was available for Paddy Fields. People were extremely happy that their farming was improved steadily and they worked harmoniously.

At that time by sharing the experiences and realizing the problems, they learned the importance of Compost Fertilizer, which could be prepared in their community villages by themselves and almost every house had built manure pits for the same.

The Program was very successful in the sense that farmers were brought on a platform.

They learned how to share the water. They made efforts for the development of the village. They solved the problems of the village and the community at the meetings peacefully. They also discussed about the education of their children overall getting full cooperation of the farmers saw changes in the villages.

Their attitudinal change of sharing was built up. While men were busy in the farming their women were also receiving simultaneous trainings in the breast feeding, nutrition, healthy pregnancy, raising of the marriage age, kitchen gardening.

Some Animal Husbandry Training was also provided. Hygiene and immunization were routine talk.

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