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  • St. Mary Polyclinic aims to provide all the necessary laboratory investigations required for patient care through its laboratory services.State of art technology is used to release accurate & reliable reports with least turnaround time by following good laboratory practices at affordable prices. All the laboratory's departments provide qualitative analysis (chemical analysis designed to identify the components of a substance) and quantitative analysis (chemical analysis designed to determine the amounts or proportions of the components of a substance) of biological fluids such as blood, serum or plasma, urine, stools, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) etc. These are required in order to detect specific constituents to support clinicians in the practice of medicine. Care is taken to ensure accuracy, precision reproducibility and prompt reporting with a minimal turnaround time. Laboratory has dedicated, motivated, knowledgeable and qualified doctors and technical staff. We provide services in Hematology, Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, Microbiology, Serology and Cytopathology.
  • Quality Control and Quality Analysis Standards: We are constantly involved in updating laboratory techniques and maintaining international quality control and quality analysis standards. We ensure quality through the following measures: Internal and External Quality Control: The laboratory maintains internal and external quality control standards. Special emphasis is given to daily quality checks through internal quality control as well as external quality control standards, by participating in quality control programs. We have a well developed Hospital Information System (HIS) network that provides interfacing of machine generated reports with our reporting software.
  • The biochemistry department has the appropriate technology not only to perform routine tests but also a wide variety of specialized investigations like Immunoassays (hormone analysis). We have a fully automatic random access autoanalyser capable of performing spectrophotometric assays and analysis of various analytes.Routine biochemistry analysis is done based on different packages that we offer.
  • Hematology: The laboratory is equipped with completely automated instruments such as cell counters for carrying out routine hematological investigations. We have a compact, high performance hematology analyzer providing accurate and precise Complete Haemogram results, including a fully automated WBC 5-part differential. Anemia Profile, coagulation studies, blood grouping are also performed. Blood storage facility is available for inpatients.
  • Microbiology Facilities provided are: Routine cultures for urine, stool, pus/swab, fluid and blood. Reporting of culture and sensitivity, isolation and identification of organisms is also done.

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