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St. Mary's Polyclinic
A Modern Multispeciality Hospital With A HeSt. Mary's Polycilnicrt
St.Mary's College of Nursing Lucknow

 Operation Theatre

  • The Department of Surgery at St. Mary’s Hospital is one among of the best-equipped surgical units in the Lucknow region and regularly conducts a broad range of both complex and simple procedures.It is a full service department committed to the integrated delivery of exceptional clinical care and its divisions, specialty centers, services, and programs provide diagnostic procedures and surgical therapies using state-of-the-art techniques.
  • Modern surgical technologies, including laparoscopic techniques that are widely employed, have transformed what were once major operations into relatively routine procedures.Three spacious operation theaters each well equipped with central oxygen pipeline, Suction, Major Boyles Anesthesia trolley, Pulse Oxymeter, Vital Monitor, ECG Monitor, C-Arm image intensifier, Laproscopic instrument, Operating Microscope for Neuro/ENT and Ophthalmic Surgery.

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