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 Care of Physically Challenged

  • "It is bad enough to be poor. But to be poor and disabled calls for extra ordinary courage from within and support from society" Community based Rehabilitation. Institutionalized Care for Re-Constructive Surgery. Well-equipped physiotherapy department in order to train/manage the disabled.
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, as well as associated Therapies, deals with the functional restoration of a patient affected by a physical disability. Rehabilitation is a dynamic process in which a person with some form of disability is aided in achieving optimum physical, emotional, psychological, social, or occupational potential. At St. Mary Polyclinic, a multi-disciplinary team approach focuses on restoring a patient to a former (or as close as possible) capacity in all of the spheres of their life. This team consists of, rehabilitation nurses, a rehabilitation coordinator, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, social workers, psychologists, orthotists, dieticians, respiratory therapists, and case managers. The team evaluates all rehabilitation patients upon admission to determine the current level of functional abilities and finalize a plan of care with the patient and their family.

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